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New Layout is killin it!

June 26 2024

I have to say this layout is killin it. It came out better then i expected. So much better then the last one. I know these colors are giving valentines day but who gives a F..... Anyways looks like Jeffree Star has some new stuff coming June 28 2024 looks like Bags but not exactly sure and then he's got a sale coming up some time in July. He has been booming on Tiktok lately but i havent really watched them in a while. Just got bored with social media for the time being. But anyways i hope you enjoy this new layout. You guys take care.. Oh by the way i moved some things around..

New Things coming soon!

June 3 2024 - 8:51pm

Well looks like Jeffree Star is coming out with something on June 9th.. Will updated all the new stuff he has coming out. <3 just wanted to update with ya nd Let you know i re did the layout so i hope you like this one <3 talk soon!

New things have showed up - 4/7/24

I worked really hard on this layout, Getting a little better on these kind of layouts. But decided to change this one up and hope you all like it.. Looking for more affies for this site. Hope you all will consider it.
News for Jeffree Star he has been going out with minis that are lik $12 and some new blushes and new milk lipgloss.. Havent checked to see what else is new in a while i think new merch. I don't follow him much anymore but going to keep the site up and hopfully i will see what else is new. talk soon!